Employee Details for :- Dr Phil Higgins

Staff Information
Name :- Phil Higgins
Qualification :- Dr

E-Mail Address :- DrHiggins@ukghostbusters.com

Staff History
Dr Phil Higgins gained his degree at Oxford University, where he was an expert in nucular physics and time space theories. These led him to the pursuite of interdimensional studies, these in turn led him to meet Dr Bloodworth who studies on interdimensional phenomina where mainly geared towards the explanation of paranoramal phenomina.

This led him to later meet Dr Higgs and the whole UK Ghostbusters would shortly follow. Responsabilities:-
Proton Pack Construction and Maintainace.
Tracking and Traping.
Primary Electronics technician.
Audio sampling technician.

Most Commonly used Equipment by Staff Member
Full bio overalls.
Utility belt.
Bio hazard gloves.
Ecto tested boots.
Proton Pack.
Motorola MT500 Radio.